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Public Library Of is a series of zines which zoom in on public library controversies in different parts of the world. Each zine features one specifically invited guest to shed light on a library issue in the place they live and work. The zine series is part of a larger research and art project under the same name

Public Library Of is a project by
Eva Olthof - visual artist Rotterdam

Design: NM (Studio) Rotterdam
Published & (Riso) Printed:
PrintRoom Rotterdam

€18 ex. shipping costs
ORDER through:

The video and animation were commissioned for the launch of the zines and shown on 4.3.2022 at PrintRoom
#4 Gabriel Curtin
#2 Joke van der Zwaard
#1 Eva Olthof
#3 Frans Ari Prasetyo
#5 Agent OH
NM (Studio)
PLO #5
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