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Public Library Of is a series of zines which zoom in on public library controversies in different parts of the world. For each of the zines one specifically invited guest sheds light on a local library issue. This first edition of 200 copies, comprises 5 contributions, which are set in Alice Springs (AU), Bandung (ID) and Rotterdam (NL) with detours to Amsterdam and Spijkenisse (NL), Chicago (US) and Inverness (UK). The zines, published and riso printed at PrintRoom, feature multiple texts, newspaper clippings, fieldwork pictures, a poem and drawings.

With Gabriel Curtin, Agent OH, Frans Ari Prasetyo, Joke van der Zwaard & Eva Olthof

Public Library Of is a project by
Eva Olthof - visual artist Rotterdam

Design: NM (Studio) Rotterdam
Published & (Riso) Printed:
PrintRoom Rotterdam

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The video and animation were commissioned for the launch of the zines and shown on 4.3.2022 at PrintRoom
#4 Gabriel Curtin
#2 Joke van der Zwaard
#1 Eva Olthof
#3 Frans Ari Prasetyo
#5 Agent OH
NM (Studio)
PLO #5